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Universal Talent was developed to promote and reveal divine talent created within every individual and organization.  

Jacinda M. Williams 

CVO  & Managing Director 

About Us

Universal Talent Consulting group is a privately held women minority organization founded in 2017 in Atlanta, GA. Universal Talent Consulting is the leading professional service firm and has top-tier recruitment services including, contract recruiting, recruitment process outsourcing, and job placement. UTC is committed to having a direct impact on our client's diverse workforce strategy. We produce change management strategies as well as job placements. UTC develops a customized organizational design leveraging strategic communications for talent services. We search for talented individuals who can add value to the organizational performance, through immediate contribution or long-term contribution. UTC leads by demonstrating the highest level of integrity and performance. Talent is the combination of abilities, skills, and knowledge. All talented employees will possess knowledge, innovative skills, creativity, and a positive attitude.


Companies making exceptional employee investments

Our Mission

Providing world-class service to our clients is our priority. We focus on Human Capital Consulting, Talent Acquisition Consulting, Talent Analytics, Interview Etiquette,  Resume Templates. The value of diversity is unmeasured. UTC provides a pipeline of qualified diverse applicants from all over the world. 

Build organizations to become global competitors, by identifying top talent . UTC provides training and development to support all HR operations models.